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RAF actively seeks to collaborate with like-minded agencies in the design and funding of innovative and impactful development projects across Asia and Africa. We welcome institutions, foundations, and individuals from across the world as partners in change.

To donate to RAF, please contact the following offices by post or mail:


Support a Cause

Even though RAF invests its resources in long-term and highly impactful projects guided by the philosophy of sustainable development, there are certain projects that call for immediate and urgent attention. As an individual donor, your donation for such a cause contributes towards building a corpus for initiating or completing on-going interventions. Most often, these are micro-projects that provide immediate relief to the sufferers essentially belonging to the most vulnerable communities as well as bring the most meaningful and sustained change in their lives.

Would you like to be part of our worldwide community of active supporters and change makers to bring instant relief to the endemic suffering of the most vulnerable households as well as aid their long-term rehabilitation?

By joining this group, you join discussions with experts and like-minded philanthropists and are making a choice to fund deep and quick impact micro-projects carefully chosen from a plethora of options suiting your needs and interests. Your support will provide succour to the endless suffering of the people.Your name will be duly recognised and shall create a legacy of your noble action.

RAF initiatives in urgent need of funds
  1. Call for Emergency Response during Covid-19
  2. Creating access to safe & reliable drinking water in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  3. Fighting the Leprosy Menace in the state of Jharkhand (India)

Leave a gift in your will

One of the most powerful and sustainable ways you can support the poor and most marginalised communities across Asia and Africa is by including RAF in your will. By leaving a gift in your will, you will be helping the extremely vulnerable households across Asia and Africa to raise their grossly deficient quality of life to an acceptable standard for the generation to come.

We will offer RAF supporters the opportunity to write their will. You can make a legally binding will with expert legal help from us, and further update it any time.

Please get in touch with our Global Communications & Partnership team

The promise we make

All donations to RAF fall under Income Tax Exemption of respective countries. The donor contribution is eligible for appropriate tax benefits as per tax laws applicable in various countries.

Campaign with us

At RAF, we believe in the power of people to set and influence the development discourse and chart their own socio-economic transformation. When people join together and speak in one voice and in tandem, Governments listen. By harnessing the power of people – and by giving the leadership to communities- we can attract the attention of policymakers for increased affirmative actions towards improving the quality of lives of the most marginalised communities. You, along with RAF, can make the voices of the most marginalised and disadvantaged communities reach out to policymakers loud and clear for affirmative changes in their lives.

Take action now online as well in the field to take up issues affecting the lives and livelihoods of the most marginalised communities. Find out more on how to join our campaign at


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